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    Generally, in the electro-static coating process the coating powder is applied with a pistol onto a cold component part.

    spraying gunDue to the throughput through the pistol the powder is electro-statically charged by friction (tribo-charging) or by using an electrode (corona charging). The charged powder attaches to the earthed component parts and is melted onto the surface in a furnace at a temperature between 160°C and 200°C (depending on the kind of powder). Thereby a lacquer layer with an average thickness of roughly 80-120µm is created. Thinner layers may be applied with the so-called thin-film powders. For thicker layers it is often necessary to preheat the component parts before coating.

    Care must be taken that the component parts have got suspension hooks. At these suspension points the final coating is not permeable, which means that there is one area which is free to the base material and which is unlacquered.

    carrierTherefore it is essential that this suspension point is determined in a way that it may bear the weight of the component part but that this area is somewhere where it is not visible at and does not functionally affect the final component part.

    Masking works are always particularly critical in the process of powder coating. Generally, each and every masking, as far as possible, must be avoided. Imperfections in the coating result from the masking.

    In addition to pure coating processes a pre-treatment as well as supporting services such as masking, unmasking or finishing are usually also required.

    In our programmable coating centres nearly all common powders may be processed.



    Industrial and Building Systems:
    Automatic plants / manual plants

    Our plants are not "off-the-shelf" plants, but for the largest part own constructions. The following components were combined to high-performance plants:

      • PBS coating cabins
      • Wagner application devices
      • Hauser conveyor technology
      • Noppel furnace
      • Own, constructed furnace

    Upon customers' requests we use powders from any manufacturers, such as for example:

      • Akzo Nobel
      • IG-powder
      • Frei-lacquers
      • Tiger-lacquers
      • and others...

    Coating dimensions:

      • Maximum length: 3000 mm
      • Maximum width: 700 mm
      • Maximum height: 1600 mm
      • Maximum unit weight: 300 Kg

    Any dimensions going beyond these measurements require special requests.

    Batch sizes:

    Individual parts / small series / large series

    Application spectrum:
    Automotive industry / metal construction / plant construction / building sector / electrical industry / medical technology / trade / home applications

    Typical application examples:
    Sheet housing (switchgear cabinet) / tubular constructions (table stands) / bicycle frames / computer housing / HiFi housing / baskets for dishwashers / lever for windscreen wipers / fittings / profiles / roof ladders / garden doors / shelf stands / supermarket shelves / brackets / carriers / roof rail bars for vehicles.









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