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    The plastic coating, also called powder coating or powder lacquering, allows for very hard-wearing, extremely, impact and scratch resistant surfaces and as such guarantees highly valuable surface quality and effective protection against corrosion in all areas of application. They are available as coats in all possible colours, with smooth or structured surfaces in various coat thicknesses up to metallic effect lacquers or rubber coating effects.


    tables of colourThe plastic coating is a very environmentally-friendly lacquering process. Compressed air is used as "solvent". Thus there is no pollution of the environment. The resulting refuse may be disposed of cheaply as refuse for energetic utilisation. No hazardous waste results.



    wishboneThe plastic coating as surface protection must be planned for in the construction of the component parts. Layer thicknesses of roughly 100 µm in the electro-static coating process and on average 400 µm in the whirl sinter process already influence the component parts' accuracy of fit in the subsequent finishing process.



    Furthermore, the quality of the plastic coating, as is the case with every other surface treatment, too, significantly depends on the pre-treatment carried out. High corrosion resistance times may only be achieved with plastic coating if a pre-treatment system, which is suitable for the coating, was carried out previously. For more details, please refer to the page further services.


    What is actually coating powder?

    powderIn a world where the aspects of environmental protection become increasingly important the coating powders - in contrast to the traditional cover finishes - provide excellent protection due to their long durability - in particular, related to objects, which are subject to external weathers.


    Further advantages are: no tears, peels or lift-off / outstanding edge and welding seam cover / resistance to influences from salt, seawater, sand and sun / resistance to vandalism / good grip of the material, as well as sound and electro-insulating qualities.

    Depending on the purpose of use different coating powder types are used:

      • Polyester powders for example are used in the decorative sector. As this powder is characterised by a good UV stability, this means that the plastic coat does not yellow under the influence of the sun.
      • Epoxy powder is a coating application for the functional sector because this kind of synthetic material is relatively resistant to chemical influences. However, UV stability is generally not outstanding.
      • Polyamide powders are also used in the sector of functional layers. The advantage here is that in the case of damages the coating material may be repaired subsequently. However, the disadvantages, such as the use of primers (bonding agents) or high raw material costs, limit their use.


    There are many more coating materials, which all have their special purpose of use, such as for example PVC, PU, acrylic etc.

    Ask us which type of coating is the most suitable one for you. We will happily assist you.









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