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    The company Leistner Hans GmbH Süddeutsche Metallspritzwerkstätten has been a family-owned business for more than 60 years. Founded in 1948 we initially dealt with thermal spraying and plant engineering and construction. At the beginning of the sixties the synthetic material coating in the whirl sinter process, then the electro-static powder coating process were introduced.

    With about 100 members of staff we are one of the largest job coaters in the Southern German area today. We have consistently extended our capacities for development, service and production and we update them regularly. With the most modern plants the best possible quality may be achieved in the sector of powder coating as well as in the sector of thermal spraying.

    Our highly motivated, well-trained teams think and act in the customer's interest and are aware of high quality, on schedule, environmentally friendly and performance-orientated. In the area of the demanding surface technology we have therefore been a "Centre of Competence" for years.


    The Leistner Hans GmbH is an innovative, traditional company that performs a variety of surface coatings. Our customers receive a quality product by us that meets customer requirements in all respects. This is especially true for on-time delivery, product quality and environmental protection.

    The only way we can keep the high percentage of repeat customers continue to expand and to maintain its market leadership. To ensure that the customer requirements as well as all environmental requirements are implemented reliably, we decided to introduce a management system which is implemented by all co-workers and requires quality and environmentally viable suppliers. The management system is for us an important tool for the optimal implementation of the requirements and expectations of our customers, the legal regulations and technical rules, and to comply with environmental protection regulations with health and safety legislation in line with our economic interests.Environmental protection means for us in particular, a more economical use of energy and resources and the minimization of emissions and wastes. It does not play a role to get short-term successes, but there is value placed on a sustainable policy.

    Healthy employees are an essential prerequisite for economic success and the retention of the jobs in our company. The safety-oriented planning and design of our products and services are controlled by a company-wide management system. We are aware of our social responsibility and encourage our employees to be active in this sense. We are committed to the management system, our quality, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly and safety performance and compliance with the requirements and expectations of our customers at a high level to maintain and continually improve as much as possible. Each employee is responsible for achieving our goals in terms of best quality and the best possible safety and environmental protection. 

    The internal corporate communication takes place exclusively in German. We promote the potential of our employees and ensure that they have the necessary qualifications for their work and information. Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. With this policy we have documented our objectives. Each year, determined in coordination between management, process owners and management officer goals which supporting the implementation of corporate policy. For the purposes of a performance review to verify the achievement of target can be as far as possible to set quantitative targets. Both the quality policy and quality objectives are made known by notices annually to all employees. To continue to improve, goals and establish measures that are in a program to summarized and documented. Targets are in the list of processes, activities in the eco-profit manual chapter 14 documents. The implementation and effectiveness of control measures is the responsibility of individual managers, the Management Officer shall review the implementation continuously.






      Foundation as Süddeutsche Metallspritzwerkstätten Dr. Ing. Karl E. Volk in Munich / Lazarettstraße on 9th. July 1948




      Foundation of the company Hans Leistner in the inner city of MunichTenant of the company Süddeutsche Metallspritzwerkstätten

      Production of brewery and malting plants, sand jet works, metal spray works, repair of motor blocks




      Owner of the company Hans Leistner, Süddeutsche Metallspritzwerkstätten




      Move to Esmarchstraße / München in rented halls

      Production of machine stands, cable drums, cheese salt baths and cheese storage stands, supply of central storeroom for the cheese dairy in St. Mang, sand jet works, metal spray works, whirl sinter




      Development of the electro-static powder coating

      Withdrawal from metal coating




      Move to the current building - in rented rooms and partly self-erected halls

      Steel construction to a larger extent

      Production of own coating centres

      Development of coating furnaces

      Further development of the electro-static powder coating, amongst others coating of brake cylinders




      Acquisition of a chemical pre-treatment zone 7 baths, for the surface treatment of metal parts




      New building of a metalworker hall for the extended steel construction and expansion of the zinc-plating hall

      Extension of the EPS sector with a new conveying plant

      Exhibitor at the industry trade fair Hannover




      Change from the sole proprietorship to a GmbH




      Award of the Federal State Prize of the Bavarian government in the form a of gold medal, on the occasion of the 41st trade fair - Exempla

      Restart of the coating for metal surfaces

      Acquisition of a coating robot




      Presentation taileron-coating




      After many years of negotiation passage of title

      Purchase of the factory premises, which had been rented so far




      New acquisition/rebuilding of a chemical pre-treatment zone with 26 baths and attached wastewater treatment plant




      Extension of a part of the cellar for the by now extended coating of metal surfaces




      Granting of certification:

      - DIN ISO 9001




      Granting of certifications:

      - Thermal spraying GTS

      - ÖKOPROFIT 2001 of the State capital Munich




      Granting of certifications:

      - Umweltpakt Bavaria

      - ÖKOPROFIT 2002 of the State capital Munich

      - ISO 9001:2000

      - TS 16949:1999

      - EMAS

      - ISO 14001




      Granting of certification:

      - TS 16949:2002

      Exhibitor on the trade fair Painttech 2003 in Sinsheim



      Exhibitor on the trade fair Painttech 2004 in Sinsheim



      Granting of certifications:

      - ISO 14918


      New building of a coating plant with a throughput conveyor

      Exhibitor on a fair of the company Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG






      Granting of certification:

      - SmS
        (Sicherheit mit System - safety with system)

      Exhibitor on the trade fair Materialica / Frankfurt












Leistner Hans GmbH - contactLeistner Hans GmbH - route descriptionLeistner Hans GmbH - sitemapLeistner Hans GmbH - imprintLeistner Hans GmbH - german version



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